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ABOUT US We do reprogramming of most motorcycle exchanges to remove the restrictions that all motorcycles have on the factory to control gas emissions and limit power.
This also changes all the performance and driving of the motorcycle. The result is a more efficient bike in all conditions.
We do not use any software or commercial tool, we develop our own tools and definitions. Firstly, we disassemble the control unit to read the factory programming and then reverse engineer it to edit and understand the way different maps work. This method is better than our competitions, because we first understand the exact way in which the control unit is working, and then we make the changes that the engine needs to perform a good performance always checked and verified in a power bank. WE ALSO DO ... Activation of semiautomatic and blipper changes Cancellation of immobilizer
Adaptation and repair of cuentrakilómetros Racing Parts
Fast mechanics Oil and tire changes Power bank